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Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Review

Trevolly Apr 16, 2018

  1. Trevolly

    Trevolly Active Member

    Hi all

    I purchased a tub of the new Autoglym Ultra HD Wax last week and today was the first time I had the chance to clean the car and use the new wax. Thought I’d share what it was like and a few pictures of the car finished. I pre washed, washed x2 and clayed the car before I applied the wax. The wax has a typical wax smell, slightly artificial but it’s not horrible, no fruity smell which seems to be fashionable.

    The previous Autoglym HD Wax came with two small disc like applicators and a polishing cloth. I found that these discs seemed to get a bit clogged up. The Ultra HD wax comes with a grip style applicator that fits the tub of wax perfectly and also comes with the same polishing cloth as before.

    I followed the instructions Autoglym state, I sprayed the applicator with a tiny amount of water and then put the applicator on to the wax and gave it a gentle quarter turn to get some wax. The wax went on easily and spread well, coverage was good. I found that the wax went on to the car well.

    I have used R222 and Auto Finess Illusion Wax before and I found that the Ultra HD wax went on a bit thinner (for want of a better explanation) than the other two. This was good as it made the application easier, quicker and I didn’t use anywhere near as much as the other two waxes. The down side to this was I found that the wax found its way in to all the seams and joins of the panels of the car (around the lights etc...) It would be easy to get an unsightly build up in these areas. When removing the wax I used an old loyalty card with a microfibre cloth folded round it to clear the wax.

    I ensured that there was no white marks from the wax when applying as it meant too much was on an area and would of been difficult to remove. The wax went on clear. The wax was ready to be removed after 10-15 mins and went a cloudy white. It buffed off easily and didn’t seem to clog the cloth, although I do use a different cloth for each side of the car and front and back.

    I found the Autoglym HD Wax did leave some “dust” behind on removal, the Ultra HD Wax did as well but nowhere near as much.

    All in all it gave a great, wet look finish and the car felt very slippery. I picked up the wax from Halfords which have it with 20% off atm, so £44. I’d happily use it again and look forward to seeing the beading.

    Car looked good after the clean, Floret Silver cleans up well and looks lovely in the black edition but i miss my Daytona grey pop.

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  3. jassyo06

    jassyo06 Grumpy Detailer ! Gold Supporter Audi S3 Black Edition Porsche Voodoo Blue S3 Saloon

    Hi there l purchased UHD directly from Autoglym several months used it on 3 occasions, dusting is a issue that l don't like especially on darker colours, l also couldn't get to grips with the applicator it didn't bond with the wax, hence l scooped out more to compensate hence more dusting, l ended using the applicator supplied with the R222 wax l bought, it worked far better with the UHD but still some dusting and the only way to avoid dusting is removal of the wax after 5 minutes, durability? yet to find this out it's been my Mrs car now for 2 weeks and still beading very well indeed it may last 4/5 weeks we will see, and that's a stunning Floret saloon you have there mate
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