Auto-Volume Reduction of Stereo with Parking Sensors


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Has anyone got this?

I've read conflicting stories as to whether you can get it to work or not with VCDS.

Reversing lowering volume of system automatically - A5_OC

Basically upon selecting reverse the sound from the stereo is automatically reduced so you can hear the beeps of parking sensors. I always have to manually turn my music down on the steering wheel and that's with the beeps at max volume.

Is it 3G Nav only maybe? I only have 2G+.
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On 8P's I only noticed this on the latest pdc modules that lower the volume auto, but imho its not low enough & I do want to see if I can crack an adaptation code to make it silent whilst I listen for the beeps instead of a crash/bang/whallop of a wall or car lol, so by the fact the 8P has it on the latest version modules, then without a doubt I believe its possible on newer chassis.


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Maybe something to do with the car having B&O sound system?

My 2008 SE reduces sound when I'm reversing, and has B&O.


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I've found an adaption change and the controller accepts the new coding but doesn't lower the volume with my B8.

If your radio volume isn't lowering automatically, add +8 to the stored value in adaptation channel 11 in 07 Control Head.

Source: Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5/A4 B8/Q5, many for A6/A8/Q7 as well (by LoCal) - Audi A6 Q7 A8 A4 A5 Retrofit J�lkiasennus Nachr�sten Retro-fit

I have B&O but still nothing.

Some of the newer models have it available to select within the Volume settings of the sound system.
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That's exactly what is does on my B8.5 as soon as you engage the sensor display either by going into reverse or turning in on manually it cuts the volume of the media that is playing apart from the mobile phone connection.


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My 09 A4 has parking plus with graphic screen and it almost cuts the volume altogether. Thought this is normal? Mines just the basic infotainment mmi. Concert stereo.


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Works on my B8 S4, and the amount the entertainment volume is reduced by can be set through MMI


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I had this feature on my 09 plate B8 A4 Avant S-Line but I have noticed of late that the stereo volume of music playing doesn't drop anymore!? I have the Audi Parkings System Plus and cannot see a setting anywhere for it to enable this feature again.

Any idea how I can get it back?

My car hasn't been to Audi (or anywhere else for that matter) recently for any software updates so that's not it....



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I had this on my 61plate Black edition, it worked fine until I played with the stereo settings, treble, base etc. It now doesn't lower the stereo volume and I cant figure out how to put it back.