Auto to manual conversion on A3

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I really enjoy driving manual transmission, the automatic is definitely practical but driving is more than just transport to me I drive for fun too :). So, with my A3 2.0t being automatic half then fun of driving is eliminated.

I thought I could find previous threads on the subject but couldnt couldn't find any, so I ask how much work would be involved in switching from auto to manual? And is it super important I get it out of the way before any further modifications? Although I only have basic knowledge and experience id be willing to do the work myself if possible. Since I do have the help of friends that are mechanics, and I saw that doing it myself could save a couple thousand dollars.
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And here I am, regretting not getting S-Tronic. :D

Anyway, on-topic, don't do remap while car is an auto if you intend to switch to manual as ECU maps are different.


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Would be a headache tbh, can sell and get a manual Quattro and maybe have change left over as i reckon dsg sell for a bit more than manuals, do you have paddles on your steering wheel? Not fully manual but keeps me satisfied on a spirited run

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Yeah I have the paddles, call me stubborn or old-fashioned, but I guess I just miss using the clutch. Feel so strange with the paddles. Hadn't thought of selling though, may just look into that instead. Thanks for the heads up as well, Rideen.


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Our family car is an automatic so when I bought the S3 I purposely wanted a manual. Wish I'd gone for DSG now...


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It would be easier to change the car.

I love my DSG, with the torque of a diesel it's just a perfect match. I would struggle to go back to a manual daily driver now.