Auto Glym SRP, EGP then Natty's blue wax?


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Spent a while cleaning the other half's car at the weekend. I used Auto Glym's Super Resin Polish, then applied Extra Gloss Protection. Will probably apply another layer of EGP next week. I was thinking of getting and applying some Natty's Blue Wax to help improve the finish, but just wanted some advice before I do.

Can I apply the wax straight after using EGP or do I have to wait a while?
When using Natty's, can I put on using a microfibre applicator and remove using a MF cloth?
If I do go ahead and use the wax can I just top up every few months, or should I top up with both EGP and Natty's?

Sorry for all the questions, hope it all makes sense.

Many thanks in advance


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Once you have applied Natty's over EGP, you must not apply further coats of EGP - layering sealants over waxes is a big no no (because the sealant won't bond properly, the wax may discolour, and streaking may occur). I would just carry on adding more coats of the wax every 6-8 weeks, as this will improve the finish and add to durability. Natty's goes on best best using a foam pad rather than a microfibre pad. :)


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Thanks WX51TXR, thought that was the case.
One last thing - can I apply the wax straight after the EGP? I've been told that sometimes you need to leave a 24hour gap inbetween?