auto glym shampoo

Is it me or does this shampoo hardlt create any foam in the bucket !!!

I end up almost cleaning the car with what looks like water !!!

Is that shampoo supposed to give me loads of foam over the car or not...

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I have exactly the same problem mate!

Going to try JEFF's or poorboys shampoo next I think!!!


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I had the same problem and I think it is widely recognised that AG shampoo does not lather much. If you are looking for a truly low friction and good suds type of wash then check out the Chemical Guys and Meguiars products in these links. I believe the Poorboys Super Slick and Suds ( is also a top one here too.

AG just sucks in the wash arena IMO.

Hope this helps.



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I use Zymol shampoo from Halfords and at 5.99 a throw its a bargain. The shampoo lathers great with plenty of suds.


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Its not supposed to foam up - thats the point - 1 capful per bucket is adequate

I changed to meguiars 2 years ago and havent gone back - much better product imho