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Auto folding mirrors and wind deflectors

Audigit Nov 5, 2016

  1. Audigit

    Audigit Active Member VCDS Map User

    Good morning my fellow Audi lovers...

    After ordering my facelift LED rear lights last night I've set my sights on getting auto folding mirrors.

    My question is, do the mirrors foul on the wind deflectors? As my manual folding mirrors do on my Team Heko ones?

    Anyone have both wind deflectors and auto folding mirrors?

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  3. Lavis89

    Lavis89 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I have both, they do foul slightly, the wind deflectors thankfully bend very easily and spring right back when the mirrors swing out again
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  4. aziar mir

    aziar mir Registered User

    On my 2015 a6 c7.5 fl, when my mirrors fold in they push n rub on the heko wind deflectors. Also sometimes mirrors wont unfold. On starting the car. And i have to used the mirror fold/unfold switch.
    So i think the mirrors dont reach home postion when folding. So then when you start the car they wont unfold. As they dont know if there folded or not.
  5. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Super Nintendo Chalmers Registered User

    I experienced contact between the mirrors after fitting wind deflectors.

    It actually started to remove some paint so i cut off the lower half of the wind deflector so that they finishes above the point where the mirrors would have been in contact.

    If you do do this, the deflectors apear to be somewhat brittle so wear eye protection and use good quality circular saw.
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  6. cbeadle2508

    cbeadle2508 Registered User

    I had team heko wind deflectors with my power fold mirrors and they fouled slightly and squashed the deflectors in. so I turned the fold in option on the mirrors off in the MMI. I kept it like that for a while and then decided i'd prefer to have the mirrors fold than the deflectors on so I removed them all!!!
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