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Hi all,

I am about to have the windscreen changed due to stone chips in the area that fails the MOT, I thought as I am going to have a new screen I would take the opportunity to swap the rear view mirror for a auto dipping type, my question then is are all auto dipping mirrors the same fitting? I see many other model mirrors on Ebay but not for the a4 in black.



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most are the same for the audi

but you may get problems haveing the proper screen fitted when iv had a screen claim iv had the screen i wanted but latley they havent changed for the better screen they will only go on reg

even tho iv told them i had the dipped mirror one when i got there they checked and wouldnt fit.
you can pay a small fee extra sometimes.


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Well tbh best option is to have the system fitted & mirror disconnected loose, then when they arrive they will usually see mirror & fit, but other option is to go to another screen company, pay excess or complete bill & claim the rest back through insurers saying it needed doing urgently because of the severity of damage & they will pay you back £100 or whatever the difference is I policy.

If you wanted us to do the install, we have a glass company we work with who could possibly assist :)


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Thanks for the info, Nigel thanks for the offer, luckily my brother in law works for a windscreen company so that's easy. All i need is a mirror, there are a few on ebay.