auto dim rear view mirror


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Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to test the auto dimming rear view mirror? I know that its supposed to darken the glass when light is shone on the sensor, but I dont think mine works either that or its just pants?

Also arent the wing mirrors supposed to be auto dimming as well?

Anyone else find this or is it just me?

Cheers for any help, just fed up of being blinded at night time :banghead:


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Mine works great, but only in the darkness when a car is behind also as far as I'm aware the mirrors dont dim.


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I've never thought to test the mirror I just assumed it worked. Let us know if you find out how to do a decent test.


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i think the wing mirrors are just tinted blue not dimming.


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Wing mirrors do not dim as far as I know, rear view was an optional extra, mine doesn't have it but my mates old Vw Bora did and you could visibly see it dim...