Audrey The Dirty Derv Build


I want your faulty electronics
I fitted my auto dimming mirror today.

Not much to it. Unbolt the old one, bolt the new one in and give it power.
I used the illumination power cause I don't want it running all time and it saved me from running another cable.
I used the earth for the lighting unit in the roof.
I also ran the cables for the side dimming mirrors just in case I buy a set at some point.


No mirror




I want your faulty electronics
Since I fitted my RNS-d I've always had a TMC unit connected but could never get it to work.
I had some spare time over the weekend and I set about removing it completely because it never worked and I was not going to buy another one for £100.

With it out and broken, I thought i'd take it apart and have a butchers just in case I could get it working.

With it in bits, I found out the onboard fuse has blown.
Before I order any I bodged it together with a normal 5amp blade fuse and it worked on the bench.

Updated the firmware and set about finding some new fuses to order.

Found some on eBay, ordered, delivered, fitted and put back in the car.........................Still did not work.

Checked the coding.

All correct.
Checked the power, present and active
Only thing left was the canbus cable but they are connected...........I know, I'll swap them over.


TMC unit is up and on line.

One issue I got is I'm unable to change the TMC source for the traffic information.

I went in to Radio and Navigation, Adaptation and block 06 should be set to 1 for Radio as the source but the TMC always seem to show Telephone.

I'll keep playing about and see what happens.

With TMC in the car I thought it was time to get the aerial working.

I removed my shark fin aerial, wired up the correct plugs so I can use a standard aerial and bought a smaller Polo aerial.

I've not had a aerial on Audrey for over a year, it might take some time to get use to it.


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What a build thread and you went and fitted an aerial...............OMG!!!


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I cant help cleaning OCD is taking over.:kissmyrings:


I want your faulty electronics
Since I've owned Audrey the door trims was rusting away and starting to fall off.
Bout 3 months ago one of them got caught on a bush and fell off and kind of forced me to buy a set.

They turned up yesterday and since the weather was nice i thought i'd spend 20mins and fit the new ones.




I had the passenger side of the car painted cause one wing was damaged and going rusty and the other was badly painted and started to flake.
They did the whole side of the car and at the time I thought it was really good, then I started to notice bits that was wrong and not very good.
When I removed my lower door trims, I noticed this.

It looks like they only painted up to the door trims with some over spray dribble paint stuff being. The edge you can see if very harsh, you can feel the layers of paint.
Not much I can do at the moment but I'm a little bit worried about the paint starting to flake and then slowly taking all the paint off the door.
The door is starting to bubble round the clip studs so I need to get it sorted out at some point but not this year.


I want your faulty electronics
I've been toying with the idea of buying some sun shades for Audrey but not the square stick on ones from halfords. Proper made to measure B5 Sun shades, a set was located at and I got my *** in gear and bought a set.

Fitting was easy, little bit of bending needed on the blinds to help them fit in but once in it was very snug.
On with the pics.

Boot lid external.

Boot lid internal.

Rear Boot window internal.

Rear Boot window external.

Rear Passenger door external.

Rear Passenger door internal.

Rear boot window external.

Rear boot window internal.

Rear drivers door internal.

Rear drivers door external.

Doors open to show light without blinds.

Doors closed to show light with blinds.


I want your faulty electronics
I've had a Xcarlink in the car since my very first RNS-d unit and its always worked well and done everything I've asked (Even watched movies on my iPod video) but I've wanted more of a OEM fit.
I've heard and read about the phatbox but never paid it much attention until now.
I spent a couple of weeks looking at different phatbox adverts on ebay and trying to work out the best way to build up a phatbox kit then I came across a advert for a new, in box, unused phatbox and thought sod it. I'm buying it.
So I sold I Xcarlink and bought the phatbox.

In a box.

The Phatbox

Dock and DMS

Ready to install

Placed in the boot

DMS Phatbox installed

DMS and boot rebuilt

How long is this changer cable?

I was never aware of the phatbox having voice prompts but it does.
Pre-recorded voice for the menus and options but a Stephen Hawkins style voice for the albums and artists.

EDIT:=- I've changed the voice from Stephen Hawkins to Microsoft Anna. Sounds better and easier to understand.


I want your faulty electronics
G60Leigh from the 8L sold me his MiniMedia player he bought off ebay.
Its about the side of a pack of cards, USB and SD input, Remote control, HDMI and A/V outputs. The HDMI out put is of new use to me cause I wanted it for the RNS-d.

The unit needed some modding for it to be usable for my needs. The IR needed moving to the front of the car and I wanted to the IR moved there as well.
about 30 metres of cable and 2 plugs was ordered to run the IR and LED from the boot to the front.
Some testing also highlighted that the 3.5mm A/V jack was wired different. The Jack went first ring Earth, 2nd ring Video, 3rd ring left, 4th ring output but I needed 1st ring left, 2nd ring earth, 3rd ring video and 4th ring right. So that had to be moved and modded.

With the media player and bits looking like this.

Next was thinking about fitting the IR and LED into dash.
The best place i could think to put it was in a switch blank.
Spare switch blank found and drilled. (Can you see the face?)

Cables routed and switch put back

Cables routed to the boot, media player connected up and fitted back together.

Quick test.

WooHoo. it works. :)

Hopefully that's the media/TV side of the RNS-d done up front.
Couple of other little bits I want to add/do but they will come in time.
For now I will enjoy my media player, sort out a proper on off switch for the boot power and find a smaller power supply for the player. The normal 240V plug running off my inviter is not ideal.


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What's going on with your weird thumb in picture 2?!

The phatbox is something I considered before going xcarlink too. I'm just too lazy to keep my music up to date anyway!


I want your faulty electronics
What's going on with your weird thumb in picture 2?!

The phatbox is something I considered before going xcarlink too. I'm just too lazy to keep my music up to date anyway!

The same thing it always does. Bends back a little further than normal.

I prefer the phatbox to xcarlink (Other iPod adaptors are available) as its easier to navigate around your songs.


I want your faulty electronics
Not done much recently apart from driving and maintaining Audrey.

But today I finally sorted out a switch for my rear electrics so I can power the Tuner, Media Player and Inverter without having the ignition on.
I've also made USB power cable for Media player so it runs off a USB 12v charger.


I want your faulty electronics
Bit of a update on the MFTTSW.

I sat down last weekend cleaned all the old dye, oils and other contaminants off the leather ready for recolouring.
Been looking at this product Leather Recolouring but not sure.
Anyone got any recommendations?

I also sat down and stripped off all the old peeling blue rubber coating off the air bag.
Hopefully I'll plasti dip it this weekend to turn it black.

I need to strip down the trip-tronic buttons as well.
Not sure how to do that.


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Hi ScottD3, and Thank You for sharing a lot of infos here about Audrey ! I own a pretty similar car and I found here a source of inspirations for upgrading it ! Got (after I saw yours) Osram Night Breakers, tried hard to find covers for battery,abs (Passat ) and air filter. I own a small garage and try to upgrade my 1996 1.9 AFN TDI manual gear box black Audi A4 avant. Hope you don't mind....I called her AUDREY ! If you ever will visit Romania , I'm located in Timisoara, near western border and can provide full free accomodation here !
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