Audi's in the Snow


Hi All,

After all this lovely weather we are having thought I'd post a few photos of our Audi's in the snow. I'm sure you guys will come up with more interesting photos. We didn't move the cars today for risk of creating a few extra panel moldings which Audi really didn't intend on being there when it was designed.



Thought I'd add this one in as he resembles some Audi centre staff, in fact I'm sure he would know more on the subject than some of them and definitely provide better customer service.


Shez :cold: :thumbsup:


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Lol nice snow man there. Was driven past corner shop early and 3 lads making giant **** n balls out snow. Nearly ****** me self wish could got pic of it.


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Nice pics mate, love the snowman...

I don't blame you for not moving those..
snowman is deffo from a audi dealership just not sure which one I am sure i have seen him at more than one???
get those cars indoors
nice piccys


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i was out drivin in the deepst snow i could find an nothin stopped me one bit! dono how many cars i met that couldnt go any further an said "good luck gettin up that hill"! car just drove straight up it no spinnin or nothin! im more than well impressed! the quattro is somethin else....


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quattro rules in the snow.

Tried to get to work on Monday in my wife's FWD Skoda - had to turn round after a couple of hundred yards because we kept getting stuck and having to be pushed.

Swapped to the RS4 and drove straight to work with no hassles...


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Quattro does rule in the snow, but, just be careful. Learn how your car is going to react before you have to use it. Your Quattro will quickly become a four rubber tracked sledge if you chose to use your brakes! I got up to Glenshee unscathed on Saturday to be told the lifts were off because of wind!!!! Got some beautiful pictures and was really impressed with the Quattro once i realised how to use it.
Another thing Tom Tom cannot account for weather conditions and an Atlas would have been a much better idea.
Here's my pics to make this about Audis in the snow!!!





Take care!!!