Audio upgrade from Audi Symphony

Kay Farooq

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Hi guys...

New here...

Will be posting my car up soon... nice audi a3 quattro that's been tastefully modded...

One thing I'd like to do is upgrade the audio. Seen and read a lot of the threads here, so i do beg your pardon if this is in the wrong place or if i seem like I'm flogging a dead horse...

What I've gathered so far:

The front speakers are mounted onto the door card, and therefore things get a little compromised... (max mounting depth anyone?)

My situation:

I just want to tear out the original speakers and replace them. I have an audi symphony unit with the 6cd stacking feature and tape deck. It takes up a fair bit of the dash and I want to keep it so as to retain the oem look. I think the front set up is component? And i have a pathetic excuse for a sub in the boot.

Can anyone recommend a straight switch set up for me, i don't mind getting an amp but i want to retain the functionality of the head unit...

Is it just a simple matter of finding 5.25" components for the front, 6.5" coaxials for the back, a sub and amp?

Also would it be possible to wire in an auxiliary source?

Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated, not going for show stopping sound. Just a bit more low end depth i guess as the symphony set up ain't that bit with the mid end.