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Audio quadlock to DIN adapter with BOSE speakers?

mr_jay Dec 6, 2018

  1. mr_jay

    mr_jay New Member

    I am planning to purchase an aftermarket stereo such as the SONY XAV AX-1000 stereo. The number of different adapters is bewildering. My car is an Audi A3 8P with BOSE front speakers, which I presume are active. The radio I currently have is an AUDI concert EU A3. Which is the correct adapter I need to get for this? Ideally I would also like to connect the existing microphone to the new stereo as well.

    The SONY stereo has RCA pre amp outputs. Can these be connected directly to the active front speakers?
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  3. SootySport

    SootySport Well-Known Member Team Silver

    You should get a Quadlock to DIN adaptor loom with the HU, assuming it’s an aftermarket AudiA3 conversion. Was included in my HU kit.
    If not then Halfords do the conversion looms, just need to find the right salesmen who’s familiar with the ICE section.
  4. Hardeep8P

    Hardeep8P New Member

    Hi Jay,

    Did you install in the end?

    Ive got same HU and same car with Bose

    Install is good but ive got interferrence and lack of bass

    Ive ordered ground loom isolators heard they help

    Let me know how your install went


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