Audio is not working.


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Hi guys, I got an Audi A4 2003 1.9tdi Sport.
I've got a problem with the Audi unit, it's a Audi Concert unit and it's not working, I checked the fuses, all good, might be the unit broken and wonder if I get an aftermarket audio unit what Iso Harness do I need? I attached a photo with the wires, in picture you can't see but I got another yellow harness and I did got one iso harness adaptor to try it for it and the only one left outside is that yellow thing. I seen a guy which he thinks that might be the ignition kind of stuff who gives power to unit. I'm kind a low head with electronics so please help me as much as you can, any details given will be appreciated, thank you.


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I your radio unit powering on at all? Is it possible that you only need to enter the anti-theft code? If your battery has been disconnected, this might be the case.

My apology if this is the obvious thing and you've already tried it.