Audi / VW ARB links


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Hello to all
i would like your opinion on these please ?
OEM part weight is 462g and these weight in at 763g EACH





And one of them fitted

What do you think?



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why bother? more unsprung weight, more money, probably no advantage unless you have a bent chassis or suspension so that the existing ARB is under a lot of torque in the neutral position,

perhaps useful for a track racer?

Dent Reform

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Well after the ones that are fitted as standard are crap i thought it would be a BETTER upgrade for the SAME money and also never have to replace them again LOL

They are bronze lined and race approved so and is 300g more for the PAIR and not something a road car should be to fusses about.

What i did find was that all the knocking and bumping, clanking and so on from the front ARB is now GONE and not just a little better it is 100% gone so it must have a better advantage without having nylon bushes.


Dent Reform

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well the OEM ones are 30 ish quid EACH and these are 75 for the PAIR delivered :)

much better than the OEM ones and no nylon to go poop.

the joints will take a MASSIVE 42,500lbs of force before they will even bend let alone snap
with +/-26* of free movement.
even when fitted and under full load of a 23mm ARB the joints move nice and free.


A4 seanie

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What cars are these avable for ie Audi and Vw. Also do you have part numbers or a place to source these from

Dent Reform

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These will fit ALL models of the MK4 R32 , V6 4MOTION, Audi S3.
as in all models using this chassis type with the under slung ARB
As for a part number there is none as they are built by myself

i am still refining the design and waiting for a supply of METRIC joints due to the UNF once being about 0.5mm to big in diameter so i had to ream out the ARB and the suspension cup fixings a VERY small amount to make it all fit.
using a 1/2" metric will solve this problem so no extra work is needed and will be a straight forward replacement part.