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Audi UTR retro fit on Q5 (london)

Sonny1 May 16, 2018

  1. Sonny1

    Sonny1 New Member

    Hi new to this forum but what a great place it seems i've already found lots of usueful information!

    So i currently have a 2011 Sline Q5 sportback in artic silver (like a light blue) with 39k on the clock and full service history from Audi.

    I decided to get the Q5 and got this from West London Audi last weekend. They are giving me just £10k for the car but i guess i don't have time to sell privately.

    Anyway, the dealer tried to sell me GAP and autoglym detailing which i declined even though he offered the UTR fitted for £350 if i did go for the autoglym (not worth the money!)

    Has anyone had the UTR retro fitted ? Audi quoted me £590 fitted but i have seen the parts for £300 and another Audi dealer quoted me £140 labour so this would come to £440

    Does anyone else have this and is it worth it ? Would getting a non audi dealer to install much with warranty ?

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