Audi UTR dash cam problem


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I have had my A1 2019 now for about 7 month and the UTR dash cam was fitted by the previous owner. So the problem is the automatic dimming rear view mirror does not dim, now if I cover up the sensor it works so I have come to the conclusion that the dash cam is blocking the mirrors sensor. Looking on the net I can't find the A1 template for the dash cam which would show the correct position, I think the dash cam only needs moving either down about 35mm or to the right about 25 mm to clear the sensors view as long has there is enough slack on the cable. Which brings me to the next problem of trying to get the bracket off the glass. I have sourced an original sticker so long as I can remove the dash cam bracket, what would be the best way of removing it, any help would be much appreciated.


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I'm assuming you are referring to the one in the rear screen obstructing light to interior rear veiw mirror?