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Audi Universal Traffic Recorder (UTR)

mxnrg Jun 4, 2018

  1. koolkul

    koolkul Member Team Ibis Sportback TFSI Owners Group Team V6 A7 Owner Group S-line owners group

    Hi @sks, I used the UTR App to format the card and just started recording it again. When there are only a few trips recorded then I can access the videos from my phone successfully. When it gets full I get the issues.

    I am planning to replace the card with a 128GB to see if it is the size of the card that is causing the issues in my case.

    I am also planning to ask Audi about it but not holding out much hope.

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  3. variabl3

    variabl3 New Member

    Hello! Sent a private message (or rather posted to their profile I guess, sorry noob here) to "mxnrg", but figured I would ask here too...

    Would anyone be able to send me the two files required for resetting the wireless password? Just got my 2016 SQ5 back after having this installed professionally and immediately locked myself out lol... Appreciate your time!
  4. variabl3

    variabl3 New Member

    So... Kind of went through this forum again and re-read everything. Bob2018's method worked for me this time. When I first attempted, I was not pushing the power button, but rather the reset button (duh).

    So to factory reset, here are my official steps that worked for me reliably over multiple attempts:
    1.) Vehicle is off and SD card is inserted.
    2.) Enter vehicle and power on auxiliary (foot off brake, depress "ENGINE ON" button).
    3.) Wait for UTR to begin recording.
    4.) Press and hold the translucent (lights up in red) LED button for over thirty seconds. Actions appear to take place prior to this, but make it 35 seconds to be safe.
    5.) System will reset and then begin recording.
    6.) Connect to the UTR's default SSID of AUDIUTR and enter password 1234567890.
    7.) There is NO password field validation in the app. IT WILL ACCEPT PASSWORDS THAT LOCK YOU OUT. DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN YOUR PASSWORD. DO NOT USE LESS THAN EIGHT (8) CHARACTERS. Proceed to change password (and SSID if desired) following these guidelines.
    8.) See you on the streets! :)
  5. mxnrg

    mxnrg Well-Known Member SQ5 owners group Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Audi Q5 MQB Platform

    Good to hear you are up and running, PM me if you want the files as a backup.

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