Audi UK Warrenty Claims Phone Number


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Does anybody have a phone number for Audi UK Warrenty department
I have the customer care number (0800 699888) which isnt the same thing
The customer care wouldnt give me the number
I have had a warrenty claim on the 12 year structural knocked back for "taking to long to report it"!
The dealers wont give me the number either.

Anybody got a number to ring them
A prime example of a big company hiding from its responsibilities


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Thanks Mart
I have the original Warrenty info that has no indication of reporting as soon as its dicovered on the 12 year warrenty. I think they may be falling foul of UK consumers rights laws by changing these details and not informing customers of these changes in a timely manner.This would give them an unfair advantage in avoiding a claim and that isnt legal in the UK. The car has been in the dealer network so they have my address therefore they have had opertunity to inform me of a change to the warrenty.
I have informed them off this and am waiting for a reply.
I think Audi are just doing this because they know if they put up a lot of barriers most people will just give up and walk away.


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That's the right thing to do, also not sure where it stands on changing that rule on vehicles after they've purchased, as that's the warranty on your vehicle.

I rang customer services, they informed me there is no special warranty dept, but dealers deal with it direct. - you could ask to speak to a company officer on that number or complaints dept, and log a complaint through them too.

Speak to consumer direct, there very good.