Audi TT-RS - Stormx Project Thread


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Last week I was fortunate enough to pick up an Ibis White S-Tronic TT-RS, with a stack of history.

Prior to the TT-RS, I was in a stage 2 E93 M3 - The noise will be missed with out a doubt, easily one of the best sounding cars once modded, I have ever heard.

Unfortunately, this was written off a couple of months back - Onwards and upwards!

When I originally picked up the TT-RS, I had been extremely meticulous in regards to the condition of the paintwork, as presentation is a huge factor in my books. After a long discussion about how poorly the front & rear bumpers had been sprayed, I managed to negotiate a substantial amount of discount off the RRP.

First thing I did after collecting the car - gave it a thorough clean. Snow foamed, de-containminated, clayed, & sealed. The results;

Although, I'm struggling to deal with the current state of the bumpers, I am due in for paint friday. I will be having both bumpers resprayed. I also have the intention of spraying the spoiler, grill surround & mirrors either gloss or satin black to generate a black/white theme.

Since the standard pads were coming to the end of their life, & I am due at an appointment for tuning in the morning - It only made sense to get hold of some EBC Yellow Stuff pads. I had the intention of changing the original discs swell, although they were out of stock. Fortunately, having friends in the right places kept the costing down on the pads to £67 all in!

These were swiftly fitted, & bedded in correctly.

MRC Visit- 20/04/2016

I have roughly 4 hours left at work this evening, then 2 hours sleep & up for making the 2 hour trip to Banbury for MRC to work their magic. I will update accordingly tomorrow, & also reveal why I went with MRC over the others tuners that are constantly mentioned with in the VAG scene.


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MRC Trip

Today was the day.

The car was booked in first thing in the morning, & the M25 traffic did not disappoint :x

Upon arrival Doug got straight to work, Forge FMIC to go on first.
Instantaneously, you can see a substantial difference between the two intercoolers. Then Boom;

The car was then thoroughly checked over prior to any mapping, & Doug was happy that the engine was in very good condition. No issues at all.

Then it was on the rollers for a stock run, with the FMIC - 365PS 468nm. A very healthy set of figures.

Now we had a benchmark, Doug worked his magic;

One of the main reasons I went with MRC was due to the fact, the map is completely tailored to the car. On top of this, I had a long discussion with Doug about remapping the DSG unit, which after some convincing was also completed - Allowing the new map to sync perfectly with the gearing.

Whilst I was waiting for the mapping to be completed, I was lucky enough to be taken out in a Stage 2 + 500 bhp S4, total sleeper - Another customer who was singing MRC's praises, & he had travelled from Portsmouth a number of times.

The time finally came for the finished product;

422PS & 647nm

It's a completely different animal, the power delivery is staggering. I honestly nearly got caught out on the way home, not realising how quickly I had accelerated with a police car right in front of me :oops:

The whole experience confirmed why I went with MRC. The service was second to none, any questions I had were answered, & I was given a ton of knowledge.

When I first rang around dealers - I rang an APR dealer, Revo dealer, & MRC. The APR dealer was unbelievably rude, which completely ruled that out. The Revo dealer couldn't really tell me too much information in regards to the questions I had, But when I rang MRC, Ben was on the phone for 15 minutes going through my queries & plans. On top of that he immediately emailed me over the information, & quotation I required.

From the word go, MRC had my vote. Thoroughly recommended.

I've also been told once the exhaust & down pipe goes on - Doug will amend the map at an extreme discount.


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Further updates today (21-04-2016);

Was having issues with steering wheel vibration when exceeding 70 mph, & it had only started occurring once my new pads had been fitted.

So I took a trip back down to my tyre shop.

First off, we checked the balancing - two of the tyres were out. re-balanced then off for a test drive.
No vibration when moving, but a slight pull to one side & steering wheel vibration when braking.

We got back and chucked the car back in the air to check the bushes, just incase. We really didn't want it the discs.

The bad news : It was indeed the discs, where they had been slightly lipped, & we thought we would be able to get one more wear out of them, it wasn't to be the case. So, new discs have been ordered and arrive tomorrow morning - The dealer I picked the car up off of has offered to pay 50%. Which is something.

The good news; We discovered this when it was up in the air

Yes, that is a Milltek secondary cat by pass. That's quite literally just saved me near on £200 !

I did wonder why it sounded so good with a stock exhaust :p

Tomorrow I go in for paint, & will update accordingly. I took my technician out in the RS today, & really gave it some for the first time. All I can say is, it actually shocked me how quick this thing is.


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Bodyshop visit 22-04-2016

Today I was booked in at a friends body shop, I strictly use them as they are absolute perfectionist's & never skip corners. A huge discount was gifted my way, providing I mucked in :wink:

Originally, I was only going in for the bumpers to be sprayed. That quickly changed. The previous owner had clearly had a poor front end, & rear end spray - Where it was masked, & literally every item was left in place. It then turned in to - Front bumper, front wings, rear bumper. Then I fancied changing things up, so I also decided to have a colour change on Wing mirrors, rear valance, rear spoiler, front splitter, front audi rings.

As mentioned above, the attention to detail these guys display is of the highest standard. They all should of finished at 4, but stayed until 6:30 just to ensure I was 100% happy. A few shops from the workshop;

Whilst the rear bumpers were out, I really made every effort to bring the tailpipes back to their best - Unfortunately, I didn't take a before picture. But, you could of sworn they were black tips prior to the clean.

It finally got late, & I took two quick shots. Doesn't really do the new paintwork justice, but you get the idea.

I will give the car a full in-depth detail on Sunday, & follow up with some photos. Just to top my great day off, I had a Subaru STI 400bhp PPP try & toy with me as I left Harlow exit to the M11. Nothing made my day more than making his car look like it was going backwards, & the jaw dropped expression of a TT going past :twisted: Loving this car more by the day!


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Disc upgrade 25/04/2016

Today my disk's finally arrived from TPS - By the way, TPS will quote you the same price of Audi (Roughly 390 without the VAT). When their trade price for certain customers is in fact £296.80 inc VAT. Make sure you mention you've been quoted this by another branch, and they will honour it instantaneously.

Out with the old;

In with the new;

Seeing as the callipers have begun to lose their paint, I am intending on having these done at the same time I refurbish the rota's in black. I'm not sure what to do colour wise on the callipers though

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really enjoyed reading through this thread . came close to buying one myself a year or so back and still very fond of them . keep the good work up . i will be watching :readit:


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really enjoyed reading through this thread . came close to buying one myself a year or so back and still very fond of them . keep the good work up . i will be watching :readit:

Thanks, my friends laughed when I finally bought one - As I have been raving about them for years, but never really found the right opportunity to accommodate owning one.

They really are a super car eating sleeper:superman:

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Thanks, my friends laughed when I finally bought one - As I have been raving about them for years, but never really found the right opportunity to accommodate owning one.

They really are a super car eating sleeper:superman:

my wife laughed when i viewed one and in the end i ended up getting a golf R . with the R now gone i am tinkering with the idea of a tt rs again . we have a a3 sportback sline at the moment but that is for the wife and kids . there is just something about the tt rs i keep telling myself it will be great for a weekend blast . my friends are the same you get all the nonsense that there for girls and hairdressers but i just ignore it . i also like how rare they are also .


Registered User friends are the same you get all the nonsense that there for girls and hairdressers but i just ignore it . i also like how rare they are also .
Honestly people who say that are idiots. I actually heard a guy on another car forum say "these cars are gay". Lol.

They have no idea what makes a good car and I for one would love a TTRS one day no matter what other people may think. ;)


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Jesus, It's been a long time since I've updated this. A quick copy & paste from my thread over on TTOC;

Not too much has changed with the car, apart from the trip that was planned just after the last post. Doug managed to work his magic again, & the car ended up producing 442ps, & 700nm.

Now I've finished competing, got married, business is flowing & my holidays are done - I can put some focus back on the car.

I've only managed to put the car up the strip once. In torrential rain, it ran a 12.3. Which I was extremely impressed with, considering I was spinning all 4 wheels in ridiculous whether. The c63 next to me, was not best please ;)

I recently received the "RPM restricted to 4k" warning light, which was becoming more frequently by the day. After a quick discussion on the TTRS OC Facebook group, & Doug at MRC - We established the issue was the fuel pressure sensor. I'm due at MRC's workshop tomorrow to have this rectified, & the "pop & bang" mapping will be added to the car. Last time I went, Doug was still in the process of developing this software. I am excited to say the least.

I'm lucky enough to have a close friend who is the editor of Banzai magazine, he's lent me his VBox. So, I will be able to determine the 0-60 times of a stage 2 MRC!

Wheels are going in for a refurb tomorrow also, so I will be sporting some C63 AMG wheels for a week. Which is closely followed by a full colour change to my RS :p :p :p

So, a big update; The guys down in Surrey at Bossdog worked their magic this week. Matte Metallic Grey, exclusive pwf colour.

Very happy :p

More pictures to follow, as I spent 2 1/2 hours on the M25 this evening. Although, there was a number of passengers taking photos all the way home of the RS ;)

Apologies for the copy & paste job. I'll be intending on keeping this updated, as well as my other thread.

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Interesting to see that a stage 2 TTRS gives similar power to a stage 2 8V RS3 even though the latter starts with more power from the off! Great thread.