Audi tt mk1 Retrofit Dashpod with DIS and RNS-E mods.


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I'm a happy owner of an Audi tt mk1 99, actually is with me for about a lot of years and I have registered my car in 4 different countries. It's LHD car.
Over the years I was always trying to perform small mods in the car, according to what I saw on the net.
Now I have a new self Valentine present, which is a RNS-E radio.
I did managed to purchase one unit in a very good shape with all the maps that I need, pin, etc. But later I just had realised that I have not CANBUS connection on my 99's car. Actually I have an Audi Concert II fitted which goes off each hour, due the missing CANBUS.
I didn't wanted to give up and I have it done anyway. So I have decided to swap the dashpod to a newer DIS version (my car lack the DIS as well), wiper stalk and the wiring. I spotted a 2005 RHD dashpod, which I presume can be easily mod to be set to KM over VAGCOM and I can also physically swap the miles indicator for the Km's one. The original Dashpod it's a immo 2, and the new must be a immo 3, so according to what I have read, the swap should be possible.
I presume that I will have to take both clusters to a good auto electrical tech for the keys recoding, among other settings, but I would like to do on my own as much as possible.
Any suggestions about the Dashpod swap?
Will the RNS-E turn off each hour without CANBUS as my concert II does?

Thank you for reading my post, and sorry about my English!