Audi TT Mark 1 issues

Andrew pugh

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Hi to all TT owners!
I am desperately looking for advice here.
I washed the car thoroughly last weekend and now I can’t get the central locking to work , the red LEDs on the doors are on all the time , I can’t open the fuel filler cap and to make things worse I can’t open the boot to access the emergency filler cap release.I have trawled YouTube and found an emergency release for the boot apparently under the cup holders - I have nothing!!
What a disaster , any advice chaps


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Hi Andrew. You don't say whether your car is a coupe or convertible. The CCM module is in different places I believe and if it was a coupe you should be able to crawl into the rear and get to the fuel cap release so I suspect you have a convertible. They are also the most likely to leak.
Your CCM controls everything that is failing. It's located in the rear here on a convertible.
I would check the CCM and see if it's wet.