Audi TT Airbag Issue


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Hi All,

I'm having real issues with the drivers airbag on my wife's MK 2 TT 2.0TFSi. It kept throwing up the warning light which was on permanently and the Vagcom was bringing up N250 Drivers side igniter 2 upper threshold exceeded. I'd read a few posts online about this fault but on the A3 and not a TT, and couldn't get it to clear with my computer at all. Put it in for an MOT on Monday at a specialist Audi garage and told them it needed sorting. They mentioned the common under the seat wiring issue which they sorted. Whilst they were waiting for a low pressure sensor to arrive the fault reappeared so they replaced the clock spring as well. I'd read that both of these were common to this fault so was happy with the work they were doing. Anyway, fast forward two days, and my wife has finally got a TT with no engine management light or airbag light on for the first time in a long time, and it pops up again with the same code!! It had cost me £440 to get all the work done and MOT'd and now I'm back to square one with the same airbag fault. Anyone else have an idea of what might be causing this? I'd be reluctant to throw it back in to the garage and spend another few hundred quid with Xmas around the corner.


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Surely it makes sense to ask them to have a look ( politely ), if it's more than just twiddling the seat wiring they will tell you.


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They had it for 3 days. Had the seat out and did the under seat wiring fix and they also replaced the clock spring. These are the only 2 fixes I can find for this fault code on the internet and it’s many forums. Just wondered if any TT owners had experienced similar and if so what they ended up doing. It’s doing my nut in!


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The slip rings aren't a common issue at all tbh, never replaced one.

Could be the wiring pins losing conductivity, airbag itself, controller, numerous things to check, needs properly diagnosing.