Audi TT (8J) Range Issue


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Had my TT for just over a year now and noticed in the past month that the fuel consumption has shot up. When I used to fill the car up it would indicate a range of about 400 miles. In the last month I am having to fill up more and noticed the range only showing as 250. I cant see any leaks in the engine bay or any smell of fuel. I have had the thermostat changed and that sits nicely at 90. I also had the fume recirculation pump and carbon filter replaced.

Was wondering if the MAF may need a clean to see if that helps. I will scan it later to see if any faults show up, nothing on the dash.

Has anyone else seen this issue with there TT?

Many Thanks



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It's probably not what it is, but I monitor my fuel consumption closely and there's no doubt that if driving in wet weather, economy drops markedly. I suppose we forget how much resistance water can cause, the tyres having to cut through standing water.