Audi TT 2000 plate knocking noise???


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Hi guys
Im currently driving my mams audi tt 1.8 225bhp . She is on holiday so looking after it. She told me about a knocking noise coming from the rear and since i have been driving it which hasn't been hard lol this knocking seems a bit louder. I have had it checked over by a garage who i trust with my A4 and this is who she bought the car off. They said all the aftermarket suspension was fine, bushes, springs and drop links. They did however say some times on cars like these (audi,vw,bmw,ford) that the pins on the brake calipers wear overtime and produce this knocking noise. The car feels fine to drive and I only notice the knocking when driving in built up areas. I was told and have looked up this as a possible cause . Basically the pins on rear brake calipers wear causing the calipers to move slightly which then cause them to knock. Like I said I looked this up and was told by the garage and only cure would be to replace them. I dont see the point as they are working fine. Any one else have this problem now or in the past, any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.