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Audi Tt 2.0l 2007 8j. Wire Scheme For Pre-facelift Halogens To Facelift Led Bi-xenons. Please Help.

Jacky audi tt Aug 16, 2014


Audi TT 2.0L 2007 8J. Wire Scheme for Pre-facelift halogens to facelift LED Bi-xenons. Please help.

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  1. Jacky audi tt

    Jacky audi tt New Member

    image.jpg Part Numbers: 8JO 941 030E & 8JO 941 003E

    I bought the new plugs - connectors for facelift headlights.. So I guess I'll re-wire the old ones coming from the car with the new plugs for the new LED headlights.. ?

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