Audi stickers on the doors or not?

Urban Sports

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I wasn't sure so asked for them to be left in the car, which they did, I've just seen a picture of an ibis white BE and quite like them, what do you think?


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No. No. No.



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I have them fitted to my ibis white BE and like them. They are not to big that they stand out in your face like on boy racer cars.

Happy Grumpz

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Mine arrived with them on (as you'll see in the photos) and tbh I actually like them. They are quite small and remind me of an 80s ur quattro haha - understand they'll be marmite though :)


Vorsprung durch Technik
Not sure on them myself, so will be getting them left off my car when I collect in a few weeks.


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I must confess they aren't to my taste. I think it makes the car look like a sponsor/promo car. Sorry


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Do these come as standard? I don't really want them on to be honest, so would I have to request for them not to be put on?

Paul Golding

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I quite like them to be honest, but as they only come in black, they're of no use on mine. Dark grey might've looked good on black with the Rotors.


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Mine didn’t even come with them but I didn’t want them anyway.

They look a bit too aftermarket to me. But I do kinda like them on the white.