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Audi SQ5 'DIESElL' - What are Audi doing to the S brand?

JRock247 May 2, 2014

  1. JRock247

    JRock247 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Just been made aware of the Audi SQ5 'Diesel'!

    2013 Audi SQ5 review - What Car?

    What were they thinking when the bright sparks at Audi came up with this idea. I understand that is has the amazingly brilliant Bi-Turbo diesel from the A7 but still, on an 'S' version, just goes to show how far diesel has come these days.
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  3. Brodster

    Brodster Registered User

    Yep and Americans get the petrol version which has the 3.0V6 354bhp Supercharged engine out of the S4.........oocha!!!
  4. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I respect it for it's engineering and performance figures, but when I look at it as an object I don't get any of the sense of warmness or affection that I get when I look at an S/RS 'car'. I don't think I'd give it a second look if I saw one on the street.

    I used to think in the past (mid 90's through to mid noughties) that RS cars were stop you in your tracks 'wow' kind of cars, and 'S' cars deserved a nod of respect as you knew it was something reasonably special. These days the 'S' cars feel closer to 'S Line' than I think they should for the money, and RS are still gorgeous but not quite 'wow'. Maybe it's because there are too many about, or possibly after owning a couple of 'S' cars the mystique just evaporates. I suppose if you like that kind of car then it might add up, but I'd only own an SUV if I lived on a farm or up the side of a big hill / mountain where significant ground clearance was a pre-requisite.
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  5. JRock247

    JRock247 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    With the way diesels are heading these days, I don't think it will be long until we see a full range of diesel 'S' vehicles from Audi.

    I've also just seen the Audi S1 being released some time this year, has the same 2.0litre as the S3 apparently, will go like the clappers! Oooo and Quad Exhausts, me likey!
  6. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    The S1 has the Golf GTi lump rather than the S3 lump (smaller turbo), but will still be a very impressive car in the right hands assuming they don't kill the set up with understeer.

    I think they should have found a new performance moniker for the SUV's rather than diluting the S/RS brands, but what do I know!
  7. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator

    I'm agreeing with you here to a certain extent Warren, maybe it's the other way round?

    Since the dawn of time has car enthusiasts has stuck go faster bits from the 'top of the range' model on to their lowly models, so Audi gave us what we wanted, which was a 'base' model with the looks of the 'top of the range model', and we have the 'S-Line'. It's no doubt that this strategy has boosted their sales, as it's what WE wanted! But as a result, it's like you say, it's diluted the 'S' brand, making them look like 'S-Line' models, only because they are so common on the roads these days.

    Of course there's the argument of owning a discreet car with amazing performance, which the S series of Audi sit in, in my opinion, but the 'RS' models still has those little bits of go faster bits like wider wheels and wider bodies to make them more stand out from the rest of the range.

    I have to to admit, if I owned a 1.6 S-Line of some sort, and my neighbour said to me, 'nice car, bet that goes!', I'd have a smirk on my face!
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  8. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :)

    I saw a Porsche Cayenne this morning, looks quite nice.....apart from the HUGE 'diesel' badge across the side of it....lol!!!
  9. L1ARR

    L1ARR Registered User

    Ian S3 sold his S3 and now has an SQ5. At first I was like wtf but after talking with him it's a pretty imp revive piece of kit. Changed my view and opinion about it.
  10. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I think if I liked SUVs aesthetically then I may share your view, but I think they're big unattractive lumps. If I was pushed to say which one I disliked the least I'd say Range Rover. Likewise if I 'had' to buy one it would be Range Rover (not Evoque or Disco), although the grilles on the latest models are a bit crass. If I had to buy budget it would probably be Nissan X-Trail. Most of them are pretty f*****g ugly, some are plainly ridiculous and a lot are 'lifestyle' over substance (ranksters include: Murano / X6 / Infinity CRD / Puke / kuga / CRV / Gashquai).

    I think performance / engineering wise it's incredibly good, I just could never spend that much money on something I find so visually unappealing, but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ditto RSQ3.
  11. kanecullen89

    kanecullen89 Registered User

    Puke and Gashquai haha
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  13. Dave-S3

    Dave-S3 Registered User

    I love RS looks, but when you see one, you expect it to be fast & loud, with the S series you get subtle looks with performance, my S3 probably doesn't look like anything special to the average joe, but they all get a shock when it flies off the traffic lights, some goon in a Nissan Juke clearly didn't realise how fast it was last week as he finally overtook me at breakneck speed in the outside lane when i'd slowed down as the road was merging into 1 lane.
  14. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    It's amazing how many people actually think I'm driving an S4 (probably down to the colour), they look so confused when I tell them it's a diesel... :p
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  15. TJM22

    TJM22 Registered User

    You only have to look at the racing that Audi Sport Team Joest are competing in (FIA WEC) with their R18 diesel e-tron to see that it looks as though their focus seems to be on diesel. I think that diesel is a path they are very likely to take!

    The R18 sounds like a jet too! :)
  16. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    I saw one just the other day (I think anyway, as it was a brief glimpse) and it definitely made me look twice. It was a nicer colour than the article, a pale blue. But it definitely stood out.

    I don't think i'd ever part with 45k for one though, it seems a little pricey. I'd buy a zafira for about 50p and a much more fun second car :)

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