Audi Sport Showcase at Haynes Motor Museum


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Jun 16, 2013
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So Poole/Yeovil held their annual showcase event at Haynes which was pretty cool as you could look round the museum too (although I was there only a couple of weeks ago anyway, but nice all the same).

I just took the RS3 out as I've tried all the rest of the range bar the TT-S which they didn't have this time.

I took the only one they had with dynamic pack (so sport exhaust) as previously I'd only driven one with the standard exhaust. It doesn't disappoint! The pops and bangs on the downshift overrun are addictive and much louder and more easily induced than on the standard exhaust. Upshifts are noticeably louder as well.
One poor woman in a village looked like she nearly had a heart attack when I pulled for first coming to a stop at some lights!
And some work men that had the road closed on one side meaning single file traffic with lights either end were egging me on to give it some as I passed them - it was rude not too!

I'm was a bit surprised it gets so much attention as visually it's not that stand out - the noise outside is really something special though, later I did hear it go up the road a couple of times as others took it for a spin and it certainly turns heads, even when not gunning it.

When in comfort mode though it's very quiet, which is good for when not wanting to be noticed!

Here's a few pics I took on rounds, plus from my drone...

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Snake Pliskin

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Feb 26, 2013
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Awesome pics and similar experience to me at the showcase.

I came to the conclusion too that the sports exhaust is a worthy addition but it increases the volume more on the outside than the inside.

From the inside it sounds great.
Hearing someone else drive the car from the outside it sounds amazing !!!!

The exterior volume & sound is brilliant.

Looks good on white too.


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Apr 14, 2015
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Re the second picture... the A3-based cars still have such... a big bum!