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Jul 25, 2009
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Hi guys,

There's always a lot of interest for pre-organised events and meets on the forum, but I don't think I've ever seen any organised road trips (or have I just missed them...?). We have some cracking driving roads in the UK, which are always better enjoyed when driving with a group of like minded people. So, I thought I'd gauge interest in the idea of an driving weekend. This idea was sparked after I spent a weekend in the Peak District last year and driving roads like this one...


My idea goes along the lines of:

Friday - meet up at a pre-agreed stop-over venue for an evening meal/beers/laughs and overnight stay.

Saturday - spend the morning driving a pre-determined route and visit in a local car-based attraction in the afternoon (circuit, motoring museum, factory visit etc etc). Then back to the stop-over venue for an evening meal/beers/laughs.

Sunday - head out on a different route in the morning and finish off with a cafe lunch before departing for home early afternoon.

This could be a good way of socialising with other forum members whilst enjoying driving our cars rather than just standing in a field looking at them (no offence meant). There are also enough of us located around the country to be able to set up/host some road trips at varied locations.

So, thoughts? If there's enough potential support then maybe we could organise something for late summer?
I'd love to do this Paul, but unfortunately, the weekends is where I make my money, so I rarely get them off!

But in my early days of S3 ownership, I did take my S3 to Buxton in the peak district, and it was most definitely a worthwhile trek along those roads! :racer:
Understand JoJo. For us this would be a case of finding someone to look after the 3 kids so myself & my wife could get a weekend away. Why anyone would want to spend their weekend juggling our 3 kids is beyond me, but for some reason our parents seem to like it! Strange.

Anyway, I'll see what other responses I get back...
id prob pop along but couldnt do the full weekend
maybe friday **** up and drive saturday for me
maybe friday **** up and drive saturday for me

Ha ha, I'm loving your interpretation of this thread! Seriously though, this would very definitely be about developing another social opportunity between members, but is not intended to be a beer-fest. The emphasis would be on the driving with some beers in the evenings rather than it being a ****-up with a bit of diving thrown in. Goes without saying of course that everyone would be responsible for themselves and their own suitability to drive legally the next day.

I'm not wanting to be a party-pooper, just trying to be clear what this idea is about so people can make up their own minds about whether they'd be interested.

Dane - if you're up for it then sort the ****-end of your S3 out first mate. The GTI International pictures look like you're carrying a dead body in the boot!
Haha it's just all the power mate ;)
i know of 3 maybe four good driving roads up northwest end.

there is cat and fiddle pass which is near buxton
snakes pass which is near glossop
Road near tan hill inn yorkshire dales
ponderosa cafe Llangollen, Wales LL20 8DR
road from penrith to alston then to hexham.

all these roads are great for driving cat and fiddle has one camera after the pub which is only averange speed cam
snakes pass is bad at times for speed traps
tan hill inn great twisty road
ponderosa hope you not scared of high drops great road went up last year when it was snowing.
penrith to hexham not drove this one yet looks a great quick and twisty road able to see scotland from alston at the top.
OK, so it sounds like we could probably get some interest in this then, which is great. I guess the next step is to arrange a date, organise something and see how many takers we actually get. I'll give it some thought and get back to you.
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