has stopped responding due to a long-running script


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Anyone had the following. (IE9).
I am not sure if it is related to the aitp5 banner?

I have seen it happen without it, but the majority of the time its been present on the crashed page.

Its making the site annoyingly slow, with a laptop/desktop. Every time the error pops up you have a wait for it to fail to load and pop up the stop script button to continue.

ASN Script.jpg
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Yeah, it'll be the JavaScript that runs the countdown timer.

[Or more accurately, it'll be that IE9 is somewhat of an insult to collaborative standards-based development. ;) ]

Perhaps you might try another browser for the time being, and we'll investigate a workaround/fix and come back to you?

Apologies for the inconvenience,



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Previously I tried IE10 which had its own forum issues and stopped my work webmail working.

I'll continue with tapatalk ( no problems) and try Safari

Thanks for looking into it.