Audi servicing price match


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Got a quote from an independent garage (Audi/VAG specialist) for my 2.0 tdi 2009 full service for £220. Audi agreed to price match if I can provide a quote from them WITH part numbers so they know its like for like! If I ask the garage which part numbers they use they'll know what I'm doing. Without the part numbers the can do it for £275 (from £309)

So, has anyone got the part numbers needed for typical service parts?



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Interesting. Was wondering how the Audi price match works. Sorry can't help on the part numbers.


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The independent specialist should be able to provide a written quote with part numbers. End of the day you want the prices and details so you can compare quotes and go with whoever you choose.


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Ask for a breakdown of costs, you might find the indy is using OE parts not genuine, hence why its cheaper, most quotes i had for a major service on my S3 from indys worked out much more than Audis £299 servicing offer, why not take advantage of that if you want Audi to do your servicing rather than messing around trying to get part numbers :)