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Audi Service plan

NickCarter Jun 16, 2020

  1. NickCarter

    NickCarter New Member

    Help? I’m a tad confused about the Audi Service Plan. I’ve gone online and it came back saying £374 for the next 2 consecutive services within the next 24 months in line with my Audi manufactures recommended service schedule. That’s with Audi’s summer 20% off discount price.

    Says it will cover 1x oil service and 1x oil service & inspection.

    Now, when called Audi they quoted me £23.86 pm (572.64) for just the service covering 24 months.
    £38.09 pm (914.16) for service and maintenance for 24 months.
    £83.94 pm (2,014.56) for service, maint and tyres for 24 months.

    on my MMI system it says in something like 15k miles i need 1 service then the same day but 2-400 miles more i need another service.

    what i don't get is with the Audi online is that all it will cover me? surely not because they will
    most probably be done on the same day.

    Anyone done this?

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  3. A5Jonny

    A5Jonny Member

    The service plan you bought online covers your next oil change service (Approx every 12 months) and your next inspection service (approx every 2 years). The plans they are quoting you for include things like brake disc ect, general wear and tear which the online plan service plan doesnt cover.
  4. S32B

    S32B Well-Known Member

    How many miles do you do each year?

    If under 10k you should be on fixed servicing every 12 months.
    1st year = oil change.
    2nd year = oil change and inspection.
  5. bruce_miranda

    bruce_miranda Member

    The service plan also doesn't cover a Brake Fluid service too. Something which I think should be done at least every 24 months.

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