Audi S6 V10 - Finally - Few questions!


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Oct 18, 2016
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Hi guys and girls, i finally bought S6 v10 saloon so i have few question!

1) I hvae TV function in my car but when i watch it, it is very laggy so i am interested in fixing that anyone know how?

2) My car dosent come with air suspension, and it is must for me so is it any way to retrofit it? I can find cheap airs suspension from few wracked audi c6 so is it hard and what all i need beside air bags, compressor, air wire?

3) I have custom made exhaust with RS style tips so if car will be louder if i delete mufflers or anything else to make it more, insane loud? (dont blame me, it is my second car)

4) and i think last question for now is, does anyone have small rattle from sunroof area? It is not sunroof its this headline cover under it. I have some small rattle over big bumps because car is little bit hard on suspenison for my taste!
I also need information is it possible that front left defective parking sensor will couse PDC not to woork at all?

because when i turn on pdc, light flashes and i hear long constant beeping and when i place hand on any sensor it does not work at all
Yes, faulty sensor disables all the PDC system (including camera if fitted) with the symptom you describe.

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If one sensor fails then it takes out the PDC system, but the camera will still work on a 2G system.

I would have purchased a car with air suspension, as you will need the airbag, compatible suspension arms, wiring harness etc, etc would be a hell of a lot of work to retrofit, may be cheaper going down the aftermarket route.

As far as the TV goes make sure the MMI system is on the final version (55.7.0) and scan the car for fault codes to make sure there are no aerial faults.
Steve Newton - yea it is 2g mmi

B5NUT - thanks for info mate, so fo air suspension you think that will be expensive and hard :( shame i want so much air suspension on my S6 :( maybe from crashed or damage car?

Do you have any idea what can couse my S6 to just at once whne driving to light EPC and EPS fault on diplay and throw car in some sort of safe mode where i lost lot of power???

And i found out that in my trunk (inside right behind cover) i have 2 wires cut/ripped i dont know if this is aftermarket or not? Picture
Adding OEM air suspension won't be easy, it will take many days/weeks to install and the car will be immobile while the work is complete. The wiring harness would need to be created as it would be embedded into the donor cars main harness, so you will have to make your own as not even Kufatec sell the required harnesses. You are best off going aftermarket air ride or buying an S6 with factory installed suspension, normally I would be all up for any retrofit, but I don't believe the car should be ran if the air suspension has no air in the system, as it would be too low and damage the air suspension struts.

Your car would need to be scanned to understand the the fault as of why it's going into limp home mode.

I Cannot tell from the picture, but I would get a meter on the wires to check they are not live, but it does look like some has been mucking around with the car wiring harness.
Thanks mate very much :)
I give up from air suspension sadly i know that is big and har work but i feel just a little bit to stiff in S6 sport suspension

Yea my big worry is that two wires inside trunk area, i realy dont know how to check what they are so that i dont need to drive car to dealer who will probably charge me several hundreds euros just for inspection.

Do you have any smallest idea what can be because i see some module on that side and looks like wires that are cutted goes somwhere in bundle

As far as i menage to see it is valeo parking assist module

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So looks like i would need to remove all trims in the trunk to come to the wires and try to inspect where they goes and what are they

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