Audi S6 C6 with RS6 4F or RS6 C7 style bumper


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Oct 18, 2016
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Hi everyone :friendly wink: so where we begin? :welcoming:

So I am owning Audi S6 4F, my future plan with car is to put OEM RS6 4F front bumper or to buy RS6 C7 replica style front bumper and put that despite 90% people dislike look of it but for me is beautiful think.

I am not worry about fitment and slightly mods to bumper to fit it as you can see on google that many people put one of thoes 2 bumpers.

My biggest concerc and only question for this post is, did anyone manage to put one of thoes 2 bumpers on S6 4F and keep factory S6 led drl that are on lower part of bumper?

Also I can code out factory S6 4F LED DRLS but I want to keep my dual or quad (how you want) LED DRLS because for me it is unique and even when it is day it is atractive af. :blow:

I am aware of that it would required some sort of modification but just wnated to see if anyone did it?

thanks and bye!


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