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audi s6 c6 sunroof problem

Veseli1094 Mar 21, 2020

  1. Veseli1094

    Veseli1094 Registered User

    Hi guys/girls.

    I have problem with sunroof on S6 C6 sedan.

    Few days ago when i opened sunroof, shade was stuck in all open position, and sunroof couldnt close all the way. Somehow i manage to close it, and today i removed sunroof and moved rubber piece on both side that cover screws because they are broken. So when i place back sunroof (i didnt put that rubber back because i ordered new ones) i allign sunroof properly flush with rest of roof and now i can tilt sunroof (vent position) but when i try to open sunroof, it is trying but now moving. you can here motor and even seen that rear portion of glass tilts donw a little bit, but nothing is hapening.

    so any solution for DIY or i shoul let mechanic do it for me.

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