Audi S6 C6 few bits and pieces :)


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Oct 18, 2016
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Hi guys/girls i hope you and your cars have nice day

I have few questions/information, something for everyone

So for question i can bet that i read somwhere on FB and forums that somebody find way for fixing leaking HPFP pumps on this V10 engines. So i cant find that post and if can anybody can help me it would be nice.
I can also buy used HPFP but then also at one point soon they can start leaking also and i am not giving 300€ for one of them LoL so maybe if there is one like upgread.

Second thing is that i am planing to put wrap on car if i dont sell it so my only concerne is part where is door handle because i have black marks on paint above handle (probbably repainted sometimes) and i dont see enaugh room for wrap to be there also without tearing it apart.

third thing is i am looking for PCV valve and there is a bunch of brands out there and i am looking to see which one is ok and which not so i need your opinions. I would also try to replace it with oil catch can but i dont know if i cant put any model or i need to have some specific ones.

And last thing i am looking to paint valve covers on V10 engine and maybe wrapt intake pipes and exhaust to reduce heat so anyone have any idea how to do anything of that? I assume for painitng i should have termo paint?

Also i would have bunch of parts wanting and selling in selling sections so you can go and look it.

thanks and bye!