Audi S6 buyers guide or advice on what to look for


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Mar 9, 2018
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First post on here so go easy!

I'm looking at replacing my BMW 335i with either an S6 or S7, my budget will only get me an early car with the 420ps engine. I've tried to research any common faults or things to look for but not found much.

How's the S-tronic gearbox? It has a bit of a poor rep in other models but I've not seen much about the S6 version, I'm guessing it's a different design as it's dealing with over 400hp and similar torque?

Any A6/S6 faults I should be looking out for?

Thanks in advance
Thanks for the replies.

I have no plans to modify, I like to keep cars as standard.

I test drove an S7 this weekend and realy liked it. Although it was a short drive for various reasons.

Thought the V8 noise was a little quiet but very quick even in pouring rain and the interior is lovely

How often does the S tronic need servicing? Is it an expensive job?

Just need to sell my car now!
:sly:Yh the v8 are muted but lobing a silencer here and there should do the trick:shrug:
I’ve removed my front resonators, and middle box. Replaced by straight pipes and an x-pipe.

Rear boxes replaced by a couple of sports back boxes. Sounds fine to me :racer:
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