Audi S4 Avant - weird one!

Umar I

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Hi all,

Soni bought a Audi S4 Avant 2004 back in the summer, car has been fine till recently (typical :)), had a major oil leak and got that repaired and that followed a coolant leak, so been a couple expensive months of late.

The newest and certainly the most weird of things happened today, the key in ignition, all lights on as normal, I turn the key over and nothing... Very strange. 2nd time in as many hours so now I'm a little worried it could be serious.

The car finally started after 5mins or trying.

Any pointers? What could it be? Key fob, starter motor, fuel pump...

Anyway would be great if anyone could have a think.


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Hi Umar,
I've had this once in my RS4 - no starter motor or anything, it started after about 30 mins of leaving it alone.
I've read that the starter relay could be the cause - only a few £. I've not changed it but something to bear in mind.
I replaced my battery soon after it happening and its not happened since so not sure if it was anything to do with that.

hope this helps

Umar I

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply, il definitely look into that. Do you by any chance know which no. The relay is?


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I had this several times; mostly when cold and always at an inconvenient moment.

Replaced the starter motor and all's good now. One of the few common problems on this car.


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My s4 occasionally suffers from this and have been told it's the started solenoid sticking.

Umar I

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Cool, thanks for the reply guys...much appreciated.

Any indication of cost for replacing Inc labour

Umar I

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Hi All,

so i had the AA come in and check out the car, they advised it could well be the starter relay according to thier diagrams and the symptoms.

so, of i went to remove the wiper blades and get into the fuse box under the bonnet on the drivers side. took approx 1.5hours only to find out that the relay there is non-existant. ive attached a picture for those of you who would like to know which relay the AA where refering to.

i also ran some diagnostics on the car, and got the following code back:

16405 - bank 2 camshaft a (intake) p0021-002 ****** setpoint not reached (over advanced) - (which is the description i found on the net)

now i doubt its the above code, unless someone else has an opinion which would be great. ;-)

now onto the dreaded starter motor...not looking forward to this being the culprit as i hear its an expensive problem to resolve.


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