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AUDI S3 to S5 Sportback Black Edition

Hellz Jun 21, 2017

  1. Hellz

    Hellz Geordie Racer

    Hi folks,

    Happy to be joining the S5 forum, 3 weeks in to S5 sportback black edition ownership (my take on a family car!) and am so far impressed. Tried the 8P RS3 for a short period via a friends dealership but wasn't overlay taken as it felt like it wasn't much of a departure from my 8PS3 (other than the kick in power)!

    The S5 has sports AUDI Drive Select (with all options) tech pack etc. and I must say, it is great to drive albeit a fair but thirstier than the S3 (to be expected, I know).

    Looking forward to learning more about the S5 here (touchwood no problems!). Some pics:

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  3. JulianW

    JulianW Active Member

    Welcome aboard, Hellz. The Sportback is certainly a more comfortable family car than either the S3 or RS3. And, being the S5, probably as much fun as the smaller cars, albeit in a more refined and gentlemanly way.
    (There you go - car praised and ego fluffed up in the one post! Have I got skillz, or what?)
  4. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Vorsprung durch Technik

    Lovely S5.... enjoy.

    Is that a two tone leather combo?
  5. Dippy

    Dippy Well-Known Member

    I toyed with the idea of an RS3 before I ordered my S5 sportback. There were many reasons why I didn't choose the RS3 in the end, but risk of theft was one of the major ones.
  6. Hellz

    Hellz Geordie Racer

    The theft didnt cross my mind but the interior & kit was the issue - my S3 felt dated and the interior of the RS3's within my budget were virtually identical inside - I couldnt justify to myself spending 20-25kish on the same interior setup/kit etc. Really nice to drive though and it did convince me to go back to S-tronic (something I've avoided for a number of years due to issues encountered with my 3.2 A3 in the early days of DSG).

    And, I wasn't looking for an ego boost but yeah, good effort! More so some assurance that it was a good idea to buy the damn thing! I suffered a little buyer's remorse (was at the limit of my budget) post-purchase! And yes, two tone leather - wasn't taken by it at first when I saw the ad/pictures but the brown is darker than the pictures suggest and looks really good when seen for real (in my opinion at least).

    Now considering stage 1+ having read some encouraging reviews on here, obviously not learning to hold on to money when it comes to cars :)
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
  7. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    I looked at the RS too but the tuning capability is the S was/is better... I don't notice a massive difference in fuel consumption though between 3 and 5 although I do notice a massive difference between drive select modes grandma mode to drive it like you stole it mode (Efficient to Dynamic)

    Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  8. Radford212

    Radford212 Well-Known Member

    Lovely car, I looked at this one multiple times on Autotrader whilst I was looking for an S5. Good choice!

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