Audi S3 Suspension 8l

Jamie B

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Hey guys, new to the forum.
Am pretty sure somebody will know this before I start stripping stuff down.
I have a S3 8l and the person that had it before has put lowered springs on it which make it look good but feels like s**t and pretty sure one of them are cracked! I have tried online to source a set of standard springs but can't seem to find any only lowering ones?
I have got a donor car that I have been taking bits from it's a A3 1.8t Quattro, would the whole suspension from this fit the S3 and what is the difference if any?


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Im sure they would fit but I'm not certain. With the S models they like to be different from the standard range
personally in my opinion, for an S3, you cant go wrong with a set of eibach pro lowering springs


Defo worth the wait :)

Have a word with our site sponsor Damian, he will be able to advise you....

Also you would be better posting this in the 8L Section, as there is alot of good information there in the FAQs about suspension.
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