For Sale Audi S3 Sprint Blue - 66k miles - Thousands spent in last 2 months


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Nov 23, 2013
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Selling my S3, it's just not for me. Going back to BMW I'm afraid.

Excellent car but I just haven't clicked with it.

Look through my posts on here to see I've attacked the car with a no expense spared attitude.

Every single item on the "S3 8P preventative maintenance" thread has been covered other than the cam chain and PCV which are both deemed fully functioning by my local Audi specialist.

Feel free to contact Pool Garage, VAG specialists in Magor by telephone, Clarky the guy who runs the garage will vouch for the car.

Full folder of documents, receipts for servicing/parts etc etc.

Detaiiled ad for car here:

Car owes me £11,200, I've got a full excel spreadsheet detailing every penny spent on the car in my short ownership. I've just refurbed the leather interior so the wheel and chairs are no longer shiny, also MOT will be done when I have a buyer. Would be willing to negotiate a tiny amount for an enthuisiast forum member but I'm in no rush so will hold out as long as it takes to get a good price.

Infact if I can't get very close to asking price my mrs is going to keep the S3 and we will sell her Mk5 gti (less invested in it).

Located in cwmbran, south wales. 07539529086 for any questions or a chat regarding the car.

£9500 OVNO.