Audi S3 missing drive select & stop start


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Hi all,

So I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a s3 8v that is remapped to stage 2, the car drives beautifully and sounds amazing however a few issues the guy told me was due to the remap I dont think are anything to do with that now.

When I bought the car I got the tyres replaced a day later the tyre pressure warning light came on i realised tpms was missing from the mmi. I went and got that coded back in the guy tried to add drive select back in and start stop too, he even tried with a audi web update but that kept failing. He also realised my load up screen on the mmi was a normal audi 2dr and mine was a 5dr so he fixed that and now it loads with the s3 5dr screen. He did mention that the mmi looks retro fitted as mine is a 2014.

Anyone have any idea what i can do or had similar issues?