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Audi S3 - ESP fault

eastcruisers Dec 7, 2017

  1. eastcruisers

    eastcruisers New Member


    I’ve noticed with my S3 it’s been abnormally slippy- more than just than the weathers changed. But no fault codes. Tracking done. Issue persists.

    Then After 2 failed starts I decided to replace the battery from ECP. Now the battery is supposedly the right one but is slightly bigger.

    Having fitted the battery now and everything working I’ve now got an ESP fault code on the dash. Which makes sense with the slipping issue I’ve still got.

    But question is - is that a coincidence or is it because the battery is incorrect?

    Moreover how do I fix?!

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  3. Roland Wong

    Roland Wong Member

    I know these may seem to be silly question, but did you try depressing the ESP disable button on the dash to see if it controlled the ESP feature. When you first turn the key on does the self check go through okay except the ESP light extinguishes but then comes on when you put the car in drive (assuming you have an automatic transmission) and get up speed to above 5 mph?
  4. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Team Imola TFSI Owners Group Silver Supporter Team Sprint Audi S3 Manual

    Have read on the forums that people have had to recode battery after putting a new 1 in .

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