Audi S3 clutch problem


2008 Audi S3
Hi there,

In the 8P Audi A3 section, there are a couple of guys wit S3's (both modded and standard) that have had their clutches/flywheels replaced recently... most of these seem to be from 2007 models fitted with the LUK clutch, which appeared to have been changed to a SACHS unit from middle 2007. Now the earlier cars that are going through this problem, most of them seem to have to fit the bill themselves for this (even if standard) as its seen as a wear/tear item or the mileage done is enough to say "abuse". Is there any technical bulletin or anything from Audi itself that suggests that this is a problem, or are the early 2007 buyers just unfortunate in getting a bad unit?



2008 Audi S3
Thank you.

Can you also please give me price for replacement clutch and part number? Also is it special order in the UK that takes a few days/weeks to arrive?


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Hi Sakkie

Audi have not released any info regarding this matter.
if you can pm me your chassis number i can supply you a price