Audi S3 ABS Control Module knackered


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I have been told by my mechanic that my ABS control module needs replacing, it was sent off for testing this week and they have been told its unrepairable.

I've been given 2 options:

1) Fork out for a new one @ £1000+
2) Try and find a 2nd hand or refurbished one which should cost arond £350

Does anyone know where I can get a refurbed one?
I googled it and the S3 ABS modules seem ultra rare at the moment, the part number is: 8N0907379E

Hope someone can help:sos:


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there is a couple of s3's being broke on ebay at the moment, worth ringing them up.


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Has anyone ever had to get there ABS module replaced. I've been calling around most of the ECU/ABS testing companies to see if they have one available to no avail.
All they seem to do is repair them.

I'm a bit stuck as to what to do, should I just get a new one? What is it likely to cost me?



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Yes mine was that module, got the module and pump from a guy on ebay that was breaking an S3 for £100.
Other place is BBA-reman or something like that, think they are based in Rochester think they quoted £350/£400 for a second hand one if they could get hold of one.

Unfortunately you can't just take the module off the pump due to the way the brake pipes run under it, its a pump out and then take the module off the pump when out. You also need a special socket to remove the module from the pump, iirc its called an E-torx basically a 6 star torx socket.

If you have access to vag-com and can still talk to the module take a note of the coding incase you need to change it in the new/replacement module.