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Audi s3 8v clutch upgrade (TTRS setup) info/first thoughts

AndrewBates Sep 14, 2018

  1. AndrewBates

    AndrewBates Member

    Hi guys just thought I’d write a little review and my first impressions of this clutch setup.

    For those who aren’t aware this is a quite a common upgrade for our cars particularly popular over on the golf r forums and you can read more about it here. https://www.shopdap.com/blog/post/how-to-install-a-ttrs-clutch-on-a-mk7.html

    Basically it’s seen as an upgrade which can hold upto around 450ftlbs of torque using oem parts without a heavy pedal feel and allowing the use of the standard flywheel.

    So a quick run down of what is needed and a rough cost firstly you need to purchase an Audi ttrs clutch kit and you use the pressure plate from this, you then need to purchase a clutch friction plate from a 1.9tdi and these are the part numbers of both

    Audi ttrs clutch kit:
    Around £300-£350 from dealer

    And pressure plate from 1.9tdi:
    Sachs number 1878 005 146
    Around £115 from clutchstop.co.uk

    So all in your paying less than £500 for an uprated clutch kit that can hold upwards of 400ftlbs of torque so perfect for stage 1 applications.

    Now the reason you need to buy both parts is that the friction plate from the ttrs kit is the wrong spline size for the input shaft on our gearbox however the 1.9tdi is perfect.

    So installation is fairly straightforward 7 hour book time job but took me around 4 hours and I found it easiest to leave the transfer box in place bolted to the engine block and just lower the subframe to allow the gearbox enough room to come out. 1 modification is required to the pressure plate and you need to drill the dowel holes out slightly to allow it to mate up with the flywheel and apart from that it’s just like any other clutch install.

    I also replaced the flywheel with a new oem unit but this is not a requirement, also changed the release bearing with a new metal Sachs unit but again not a requirement.

    Initial thoughts on this kit then is it fees fantastic, pedal is slightly heavier but nowhere near the stiffness of the Sachs uprated clutches etc. If you were to get in the car for the first time having never driven one before you wouldn’t think it’s anything but stock.

    Primarily the heavy pedal feel on a clutch comes from the pressure plate now bear in mind the pressure plate we are using here is used by Audi on the ttrs so is not going to be overly heavy for this car as it’s deisgnesd to be consumer friendly.

    So my car is stage 1 apr tuned and on the day dynod at 391bhp and 436ftlbs of torque, I’ve not given the car any full throttle action yet but I can already tell it’s going to hold the power just fine and any slipping I had before hand even at half throttle etc is now gone.

    Overall very happy with this upgrade and would highly recommend to anyone on stage 1 power. Pedal feel is excellent and not at all heavy, can be used with the oem flywheel hold upto 430-450ftlbs of torque and can be had for under £500.
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  3. Brian hamill

    Brian hamill New Member

    Hey, i upgraded to the same set up, 2014 stage 1 8v s3, started off great however slipping within the first 5,6 thousand and now completely gone, used as a daily driver 20k covered and 10 months later a new clutch required again. Not a saint on the road but was expecting a lot better from this set up. Maybe i was asking for too much. !
  4. JonnyS3

    JonnyS3 Active Member Team Mythos Gold Supporter Audi S3

    I had heard of this being done before so interested to hear any other thoughts too!
  5. N8dgr84

    N8dgr84 New Member

    What S3 have a manual gear box?
    Only have DSG in NA..

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  6. Matt Titanium

    Matt Titanium Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3 Manual

    Manual S3 available up to around 18 months ago when the option was removed due to Audi chiefs "streamlining" to cut costs.

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