Audi S3
Aug 13, 2019
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This, I'm sure is an absolute shot in the dark but worth a try.

I'm looking for the above with the following specs:

1.DSG (Essential)
2. 5 Door (Essential)
3. Black Edition (Not Essential)
4. Black Pan Sunroof (Not Essential)
5. Colour - White (Not Essential)
6. Below 90,000 Miles
7. Sat Nav
8. White/Cream & Black Leather Interior (Something more interesting than straight black)

As for the "not essentials" above, if the right one comes up and I'm really interested then I can compromise.

Budget is £13,000 and there's no rush as I still need to sell my Subaru so if someones just thinking about it in the near future please let me know.

Thanks for reading.