Audi s3 2002 interior upgrades


Once Bitten Forever Smitten =]

As the title suggests, I’ve just got my s3 and I’d like to tidy up the interior.

1, can you change the headlight switch for a more modern equivalent? I’ve seen the illuminated ones etc...

2, I have an auto dimming rear view mirror with liquid crystal failure. Can you use alternative vehicle mirrors?

3, Heater dial and radio central dash, what can you do to improve/upgrade this?

Thanks all


1x S3 and 3x Fiestas.
1. You can butcher your original one and get a new centre with auto lights designed for a mk4 golf. Or you can replace it with a non soft touch version from another S3 if yours is wearing out.

2. I am pretty sure you can get them from similar audi’s of the same age, inc. the mk4 golf as long as it does not have the built in auto window wiper function. Last time I checked, they were £260 from Audi.

3. Are they worn? Again you can replace the unit of buy stickers to kind of hide the wear, a bit like this...


1x S3 and 3x Fiestas.


1x S3 and 3x Fiestas.
Sorry I was meant to say, that’s to modern in that last post from the one you sent.

That one I posted, I am very sure it’s right but double check the plug. Looks like mine anyway