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Audi S1 Haldex squeak

Black1 Aug 31, 2019

  1. Black1

    Black1 New Member

    I have a very low mileage Audi S1 (Haldex 5 equipped) which will be three years old in two months’ time.

    I’ve noticed a faint squeak coming from the back of the car when I press down the clutch pedal. I first noticed it when the rear seat backs were down. With the seats up you can just hear it but really would not notice it unless listening for it.

    It only squeaks after driving 10 miles or so and it only squeaks when pressing down the clutch when driving in gear.

    There is no squeak when I press the clutch pedal with the engine off, or coasting in neutral or low speed manoeuvring.

    I think it’s the Haldex because the squeak is from the rear and it doesn’t squeak when I understand the Haldex is likely to be disengaged anyway.

    I haven’t gone to the dealer yet as I’d like to have a bit of understanding as to what it might be first. Any thoughts?

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