Audi S1 cat c buy it don’t buy?


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Hi I’ve been offered a Audi S1 car c yellow 15 plate 10.000 miles every upgrade for £11k is this worth our or am I way off?

Any help would be great as I don’t want to be ripped off.


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Personally I wouldn't but that's a personal choice, that seems cheap to me so I can see why you'd be tempted. Do you know what the damage was that's been repaired?


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I wouldn’t buy either.

It’s the selling it on that you need to think about.

I don’t see it as being thaaaat cheap for a Cat C.

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If so, personally I’d avoid it like the plague. It’s been on its roof and been repaired shoddily (look closely at the panel gaps). It’s quite a well known car within the Facebook S1 Owners Club.